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Microsoft IE v.9,10,11 users - please read this before using MyData

If you are using Internet Explorer 9,10 or 11 with MyData and you are not getting successful results, you need to check your browser’s compatibility view setting.  To do this, check the icons on the right side of your address bar.  If you see an icon that looks like a torn paper   (it’s in between the padlock and the curved arrow), click that icon, and your screen will refresh. You should now be able to use IE 9 with MyData.

If you are still experiencing the same problem, do this additional procedure:  Click "Tools" from the menu, and select "Compatibility View Settings."  Check the box where it says "Display all websites in Compatibility View."  Then close the dialog box.   (Note: If the menu bar is not displayed, press the ALT key on your keyboard.)

Attachment(s): compatibility view icon
Published on 12 December , 2013