Refilling Prescriptions Online From Kaiser


Refilling prescriptions online
It's easy to order prescription refills online24 hours a day.*

  • sign on any time, any place
  • check on the status of each refill
  • receive immediate confirmation
  • order refills for you and up to three other Kaiser Permanente members at any one time

Remember to have the Kaiser Permanente identification card and the prescription number for each medication handy.

Refilling prescriptions by phone
Kaiser Permanente members in Southern California have access to our automated Kaiser Prescription Refill System (KPRS).

Ordering your Kaiser Permanente prescription refills through KPRS is as simple as using your telephone. This also includes prescriptions with no refills remaining. In most cases, you can complete the refill process in minutes.

KPRS is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Touch-tone phone users will be guided through a simple set of prompts. If you are a rotary phone caller, you may be transferred to an agent or to a voice messaging system.

Before your call, be sure that you have the following:

1.        Your Health/Medical Record number from your ID card.
2.        Your prescription number to be refilled, found in the upper left corner of the prescription label.
3.        The phone number of the pharmacy where you want to pick up your prescription. Visit the facility directory for a list of participating Southern California pharmacies.
The pharmacy refill phone number can be found above the prescription number in the upper left corner of your prescription label.

You may also choose to pick up your prescription at a different Kaiser Permanente pharmacy more convenient to your home or work or have your prescription mailed directly to you. If you choose the mail order option, you will also need your credit card number when you call.

Transferring prescriptions
From one Kaiser Permanente pharmacy to another Kaiser Permanente pharmacy
Call the Kaiser Permanente pharmacy where you would like to pick up the prescription and provide the prescription number. The pharmacy computer system will transfer your prescription to the Kaiser Permanente pharmacy most convenient for you.

From a non-Kaiser Permanente pharmacy to a Kaiser Permanente pharmacy
You may transfer a prescription from a non-Kaiser Permanente pharmacy to any of our pharmacies. Simply tell your Kaiser Permanente pharmacist that you'd like to transfer a prescription. Be ready to give the prescription number and the pharmacy's name and phone number. Your Kaiser Permanente pharmacist will handle the rest.

For most types of coverage, please remember that unless your prescription was written by one of our practitioners, a dentist, or a practitioner we referred you to, you will pay full price for your prescription.

As a convenience for our members, our pharmacies sell many popular nonprescription items, including vitamins, antacids, and cough and cold preparations.


Some prescription refill online features are not available in all areas.


For more information visit:

Kaiser's website on prescription drugs by clicking HERE