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Title BULLETINS BUL-5269.2 Incident System Tracking Accountability Report
Issue Date 11/12/2010
Due Date (s)
Organization Office of the Superintendent Attachments
  1. Attachmen A-Usage Guidelines 
  2. Attachment B-Issue Types Definistions 
  3. Attachment C-Incident Report Form 
  4. Attachment D-Injury/Accident Form 
  5. Attachment E-Steps/Guiding Questions 
  6. Attachment F-Notification/Communication-School 
  7. Attachment G-Notification/Communication-Office 
Expiry Date Does not expire
Summary The Los Angeles Unified School District (District) is committed to supporting schools and offices as they work to create and maintain safe and caring learning and working environments for all students and staff. The District’s Incident System Tracking Accountability Report (ISTAR) is the District-wide electronic tool to report and document incidents involving students, employees, or the school community which occur on or near District schools and sites. Accurate reporting enables the Educational Service Center (ESC), Central Office and other responders to mobilize efficiently and effectively and allocate appropriate resources to address incidents and provide support to schools, offices, and those affected. The system is also intended to reduce potential miscommunication. ISTAR will capture more specific incident information and produce more accurate and meaningful data to find similarities in incidents so that divisions can develop solutions and strategies to address these incidents and improve the response process(es).
Major Changes This bulletin replaces Bulletin No. BUL-5269.1 “Incident System Tracking Accountability Report,” dated August 13, 2012, issued by the Office of the Superintendent. It provides updates in the procedures and guidelines in using the upgraded ISTAR system.
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