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What is Open Enrollment and How Do I Apply?

This program allows parents to apply for designated "open enrollment" seats at specific campuses. In recent years, the number of available seats has declined steadily. The application process typically occurs during May for the following school year. A list of the schools with open enrollment seats is usually available in the main office of any school, beginning in late April or early May. Also check the LAUSD website for periodic announcements.

There is no limit on the number of schools to which a parent/guardian may apply for open enrollment. If the number of applications received at a school is less than the number of available seats, all the students who applied are invited to enroll. If the applications are greater than the number of seats, a drawing is held to determine the students' given seats. Schools that still have space available after the deadline usually will be able to register open enrollment students up to the second Friday of the school calendar for that campus.

Published on 27 July , 2005