Guide to Schools
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Local Districts Description

C - Central
E - East
NE - Northeast
NW - Northwest
S - South
W - West
  XR - Independent Charter
XS - Option Schools (Central)
XY - Division of Adult and Career
        Eduation (DACE)
XZ - Early Childhood Education Division
School Type Description

A - Community Adult School
C - Continuation High School
E - Elementary School
EC - Magnet Center - Elementary
EJ - Span School
EP - Primary Center
ES - Magnet-Self Contained (Elem)
H - Special Education
J - Middle School JC - Magnet Center - Middle School
JO - Other LC (OLC) - Middle School
JS - Magnet-Self Contained (Middle)
L - Regional Occupational Center
  M - Skill Center
O - Opportunity School/Unit
S - Senior High School
SC - Magnet Center - Senior High
SO - Other LC (OLC) - Senior High
SP - Magnet-Self Contained (Span)
SS - Magnet-Self Contained (Senior)
T - Community Day School
Y - State Preschool
Z - Early Education Center
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