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Email: welligentsupport@lausd.net
System Responsibilities
Welligent is a District-wide web-based software system used for online IEPs and tracking of related services (such as speech and language, physical therapy, vision and hearing screenings, nursing services, etc.) provided to students during the course of their education. Welligent allows administrators to monitor IEP timelines and service delivery, and generate reports to ensure compliance with special education laws and regulations. Welligent is also a behind-the-scenes billing system that electronically invoices Medi-Cal and other insurance companies to seek reimbursement for services delivered to students.
Mission Statement

Welligent Support Section is committed to providing professional development, support and guidance to all users in a timely, appropriate, outcome-based and measurable manner in the implementation of Special Education policies and legal mandates in the use of the Welligent Management system.


Quick Links

Single Sign On: http://sso.lausd.net

Password Issues:

For instructions on how to reset your password please view our online instructions at:

If you have forgotten your password, you do not know your LAUSD ID # (contractor) or you forgot the answer to your hint question, please call ITD Helpdesk at (213) 241-5200. Press Option 1 for passwords.

Welligent Application - takes you to the Login screen for Welligent.

EZ Access- takes you to Single Sign On (SSO) account requests and management.

EZ Access Quick Start Guide for Site Administrators - by default the principal will be the Site administrator.

Mailing List - joining the Welligent listserv keeps you up to date with important announcements.

Learning Zone - Click here to enroll in Welligent training thru the Learning Zone website

Frequently Used Documents: 

Request for User ID for LAUSD Employees
For LAUSD District People Only
2014-2015 YA NPS/NPA Calendar Template
Yearly template of NPS calendars
2014-2015 XR Charter Schools Calendar Template
Yearly Charter school calendar template
Request to Add a Non-LAUSD Student Record to Welligent
Before requesting to have a student added to Welligent, use due diligence in searching for a past district ID number to avoid multiple/duplicate IDs. There are instances when these multiple IDs are unable to be merged.
EZ Access Application for Site Administrators
The form is to provide access to the District's EZ Access System as a Site Administrator to start the process of approving or denying their staff requests for access.
IE Spell Check
IE Spell Check Instructions
Blank IEP Document
To be used when Welligent system is down during an IEP meeting and immediately entered in the system when up and running again.
Blank Assessment Plan Notification Form
This Assessment Plan document is to be used only during system or network downtimes.
Blank Assessment Plan Notification-Spanish
This Assessment Plan document is to be used only during system or network downtimes.
Blank IEP Meeting Notification Form
This IEP Meeting Notification document is to be used only during system or network downtimes.
Blank IEP Meeting Notification Form-Spanish
This IEP Meeting Notification document is to be used only during system or network downtimes.
Welligent classes
 Training and Guides
Mandatory Use of the Welligent Section 504 Program Module
REF-6241.0--The purpose of the reference guide is to inform all District personnel of the requirement to use the Welligent System's Section 504 Program module for all Section 504 activities. All Section 504 activities shall be conducted using the Welligent Management System as of March 10, 2014.
Charter School Welligent Primer Guide
Everything you need to know to get started in Welligent.
Welligent Security Policy
EZ Access Guide to Approving Access to District SSO & Welligent
School Site Administrators guide to approving or denying access for SSO and Welligent including role requested.
EZ Access Guide for Charter Teachers and Other Users
Charter employees (teachers and staff) must request access, separately, for each school to which they are assigned and these are the instructions to do that.
Welligent 101-Instructions for Managers
Welligent Monitoring - Instructions
Welligent 102 - Instructions
RSP Tracker Instructions
RSP Tracking Graphics - Screenshot of tracking steps
Modified Consent Decree Outcomes
Technical Support Guide 8.3.16