School Experience Survey

2013-14 School Experience Survey Reports

School Experience Survey Reports with the results of the survey from Spring 2014 are available now. Click here to search for your school's report.

The seventh annual School Experience Survey window will be March 16 to April 10, 2015!

Schools will receive paper copies of the School Experience Survey for parents and students by March 13, 2014. Surveys should be returned no later than April 10, 2015. Online surveys will be available March 16 through April 13, 2015. If you have questions about the survey process, see the Frequently Asked Questions below or contact us at Thank you for participating!

Schools: Assign your Survey Point Person

School principals should designate a staff member responsible for distributing and collecting the surveys according to the instructions included in the package. The staff member’s information should be entered in the School Report Card and School Experience Survey Contact Area of the School Designee tab of the Administrator Certification Form. Click the link below to access the form.

I am a school staff member ASSIGNING A SURVEY POINT PERSON (For school-based employees only)

If you have not named said designee, go to and click the link entitled Administrator Certification Form or call the School Report Card/School Experience Survey office at 213-241-5600. These school staff will receive important updates and communication about the Survey.

Download Survey Instructions Below

When the survey window is open, click on the links below for important School Experience Survey instructions, including a checklist for survey point people and instructions for returning completed surveys. This is the information that would be in the Manila envelope that came with your survey delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who takes the School Experience Survey?

The School Experience Survey is taken by parents, students, teachers and staff in LAUSD schools.
  • One parent survey per school is distributed to each household that includes a K-12 student. For households with more than one student enrolled in the same school, the oldest student in the school will receive the survey.
  • Student surveys are distributed to each grade 3-12 student.
  • Staff surveys for teachers, principals, administrators and all other staff may be completed online only.

My students are finished with their surveys. Should they tear off the strip that shows their name?

Yes. Please direct your students to fold and tear the perforated strip where it says please tear here. This will ensure that a student's name is not associated with their responses.

We are a Common Core Technology School and we would like to complete our surveys online. What should we do?

Students in Common Core Technology Schools should complete their surveys online using their school-provided iPads or other technology in their elementary or period 3 classrooms.

CCTP schools will receive surveys that include students' 10-digit IDs. Have students enter these codes when completing online surveys.

I received a paper survey. May I complete the survey online instead?

Yes. Parents and students should have their 10-digit survey code ready before you click on the link for the appropriate survey. If you need verification that you completed the survey, you may print the last page that shows after you click submit.

I do not have a 10-digit ID code and I want to complete my survey online. What should I do?

Students: Should enter their school's 4 digit location code followed by their 6-digit birthdate.
Parents, if you would like to complete the survey online and do not have a ten digit ID, do the following:
  • Enter "0000" followed by your child's 6-digit birth date in place of your code. For example, if your child was born October 2, 2007, enter "0000100207" and click "Next".
  • On the next page, select your school from the drop-down list and click "Next" to begin the survey.

When can I expect to receive my survey shipments?

Schools will receive their parent and student survey shipments by March 16, 2015.

During which period are Middle and High School surveys distributed?

All secondary school surveys are distributed to PERIOD 3 classrooms. For students with no period 3 classroom, the survey is typically printed for the homeroom period.

When are School Experience Surveys Due?

School Experience Surveys should be completed by all respondents by April 12, 2015. Schools should transport their completed parent and student surveys their local testing center for processing by April 13, 2015 or earlier.

I do not have enough surveys for students and/or parents at my school. What should I do?

  • Only grade 3 through 12 students take the student surveys.
  • Only one survey per household at your school will be distributed to parents of K-12. Younger students with older siblings will not receive a parent survey.
  • At this time, no surveys are created for pre-K student or students in adult schools.
  • Some schools have brand new students for whom parents and student surveys were not completed. These students and parents typically do not have enough experience to respond about your school, and it is not recommended that they complete surveys.

I am at a school and I would like to return the completed surveys to be processed. What should I do?

DO NOT RETURN YOUR COMPLETED SURVEYS IN US MAIL OR LAUSD SCHOOL MAIL. Your original shipment of surveys included a manila/orange colored instruction packet. Once you find this package, do the following:
  • Follow the instructions on the school instruction packet to transport your completed surveys to your local testing center.
  • If you have any difficulty, call us at 213-241-5600.
School Experience Survey Data for 2013-14 
Download the full item-level school experience survey data file in Excel format by clicking the link above.
School Experience Survey Data for 2012-13 
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School Experience Survey Data for 2011-12 
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School Experience Survey Data for 2010-11 
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School Experience Survey Data for 2009-10 
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