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 Learning Zone Sponsor

 Paul Ishimaru




The Learning Zone is a Professional Development learning management system that provides District employees the ability to conduct a search and register for training classes.  The Learning Zone encompasses instructional, business, compliance, technology, and soft skills classes which are offered as online and classroom based programs.

The following are features of the Learning Zone:

  • Electronic course catalog of available training
  • Automated enrollment of District employees
  • Automated confirmation process for enrollees
  • Instructor roster for enrolled participants
  • Assessment functionality (multiple choice, true/false, etc.)
  • Reporting capabilities for classes/participants (who attended, who would get credit for attendance, sort by employee number)
  • Salary Point Credit tracking system
  • Learning Zone is available outside the District’s firewall (can be accessible from home)
  • Single Sign-On login
 Questions About Courses/Classes
For questions about particular courses or classes, please contact the class instructor.  This information is listed in the Class Schedule screen which can be accessed by following the below steps.

  • Log into the Learning Zone
  • Click on the Courses tab
  • Click on the Course Catalog tab
  • Enter the name of the course in the Course Name box
  • Click on Search button
  • When the results are displayed, click on Class Schedule and look for the instructor's name and email address
  • Send an email or look in the Outlook directory for the telephone number of the instructor