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Family Module - Information for Schools

ISIS --- Stay connected --- Help your child succeed!
 About the Family Module
The parents of LAUSD students can become more involved in their children's education, using the new Family Module. This online tool acts as a window into the daily lives of your children. Using a computer connected to the Internet, parents can log on at any time of the day to monitor their child’s progress in school.

The Family Module provides parents with the knowledge needed to quickly identify and solve problems that might hinder their child's chances of success. Families no longer need to feel in the dark about their children's academic status; the Family Module lets them act, before it is too late.
 Family Module Update
The ISIS Family Module first piloted in February 2009 with 11 secondary schools. Now, the module has been enabled in elementary, middle, and senior high schools. Parents currently have access to attendance and grades (report card) information, in Armenian, Chinese, English, Farsi, Korean, Russian, Spanish, Tagalog, and Vietnamese.

Additionally, teachers who use the LAUSDMAX Gradebook can enhance the quantity of information the parents can view.

All schools have access to the Family Module now. Principals wishing to sign parents up should refer to the Family Module - Information for Schools page to access the resources available to them on that page.
 Helping Our Children Achieve
 Currently, parents can...
  • View child's attendance
  • View child's grades (progress reports)
  • View account information
  • Change account password
  • View module headings in nine different languages (English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Tagalog, Russian, Farsi, Armenian, Chinese, and Korean). All data, however, will be in English, only.
In the future, parents will be able to...
  • View children from multiple schools in one place (as long as Family Module is enabled in the schools)
  • View child’s course requests and schedule
  • View child’s graduation requirements and discipline record
Monitoring allows parents to...
  • Talk with their child about attendance or grades issues
    • Praise efforts and accomplishments
    • Discuss areas of improvement
  • Communicate concerns early with teachers or counselors
  • Actively participate in intervention strategies
 School Attendance and Student Success
How does attendance affect academic success?
  • Regular and punctual school attendance is probably the most important factor in successful school progress.
  • Students frequently tardy or absent fall behind in their academics.
  • Excessive absenteeism contributes to failed grades and possibly dropping out of school.
  • Poor attendance allows students the time to engage in potentially harmful behaviors
 Get Started with the Family Module
What do I need to know about registering?
  • The Family Module is voluntary for all schools, so not all schools may choose to implement it.
  • Check the list at the upper right of the page to see if your child’s school is using the Family Module.
    • If a student moves from one school that uses the Family Module to another school that does not, parents will still be able to log in, but will not see any information.
    • If your child's school does not have Family Module, express your interest in using it to the school administrator
  • Currently, a parent will need a separate Access Key and Username for each child, even if your children attend the same school. In the future, parents will need only one Username and Access Key for the entire family.
  • Contact your child's school to get the necessary registration forms and guides. To obtain an Access Key for starting an account, you must turn in the school's Parent Access Request Form, in person, and present identification proving you have legal rights to view a student's information.
Diagram of Steps Parents take to Register for the Family Module

Participating Schools
1st Street Elementary
2nd Street Elementary
3rd Street Elementary
15th Street Elementary
24th Street Elementary
28th Street Elementary
32nd Street USC Performing Arts Magnet
52nd Street Elementary
54th Street Elementary
61st Street Elementary
93rd Street Elementary
99th Street Elementary
116th Street Elementary
122nd Street Elementary
135th Street Elementary
156th Street Elementary
232nd Place Elementary
Abraham Lincoln Senior High
Academic Performance Excellence Academy
Acad. of Env. and Social Policy at Roosevelt SH
Acad. of Med. and Health Sci. at Roosevelt SH
Aggeler Community Day School
Aggeler Opportunity High School
Albert Einstein Continuation High School
Aldama Elementary
Allesandro Elementary
Ambassador School - Global Leadership
Amelia Earhart Continuation High School
Amestoy Elementary
Anatola Elementary
Andasol Elementary
Angeles Mesa Elementary
Angel's Gate Continuation High
Annalee Elementary
Arleta Senior High
Arlington Heights Elementary
Arminta Elementary
Arroyo Seco Museum Science Magnet
Audubon Middle School
Aurora Elementary
Avalon Continuation High
Avalon Gardens Elementary
Balboa Gifted
Bancroft Middle School
Banning Senior High
Barack Obama Global Prep Academy
Barton Hill Elementary
Bassett Elementary
Beachy Elementary
Beckford Elementary
Beethoven Elementary
Bell Senior High
Belmont Senior High
Belvedere Elementary
Belvedere Middle School
Benjamin Franklin Senior High
Berendo Middle School
Bertrand Elementary
Bethune Middle School
Blend El
Blend Special Education School
Blythe Elementary
Bonita Elementary
Boyle Heights Continuation High
Braddock Elementary
Breed Elementary
Brentwood Science Magnet
Broadway Elementary
Brooklyn Elementary
Burbank Elementary
Burton Elementary
Bushnell Elementary
Byrd Middle School
Cabrillo Elementary
Cahuenga Elementary
Cal Burke HS
Calvert Elementary
Canoga Park Elementary
Canoga Park Senior High
Canyon Elementary
Capistrano Elementary
Carlson Hospital Home School
Carnegie Middle School
Caroldale Learning Community
Carson Senior High
Carver Middle School
Castle Heights Elementary
Catskill Elementary
Center For Enriched Sciences
Central Continuation High
Central Los Angeles Area New High School #9
Central Region Elementary School #16
Central Region Elementary School #17
Central Region Elementary School #18
Central Region High School #13A
Central Region High School #13B
Central Region High School #13C
Central Region High School #16A
Central Region High School #16B
Central Region Middle School #7B
Cesar Chavez Elementary School
Cesar E. Chavez Lrng Acad. - Acad. of Sci Exp.
Cesar E. Chavez Lrng Acad. - Arts Theatre Ent.
Cesar E. Chavez Lrng Acad - Soc. Jst. Humanitas
Cesar E. Chavez Lrng Acad - Teacher Prep Acad
Charles White Elementary School
Chase Elementary
Chatsworth Park Elementary
Chatsworth Senior High
Cheremoya Elementary
Chester W. Nimitz Middle School
Cheviot Hills Continuation High
Christopher Columbus Middle School
City of Angels Independent Studies
City Terrace Elementary
Civitas School of Leadership
Clifford Elementary
Coldwater Canyon Elementary
Coliseum Elementary
Community Harvest Charter
Cooper Community Day School
Corona Elementary
Cowan Elementary
Crenshaw Senior High
Curtiss Middle School
Dana Middle School
Daniel Pearl Journalism & Communications Magnet
Danube Elementary
Dearborn Elementary
Dena Elementary
Dixie Canyon Elementary
Dodson Middle School
Dolores Elementary
Dominguez Elementary
Dorsey Senior High
Downtown Business High School
Dr. Owen Lloyd Know Elementary School
Dr. Theodore T. Alexander, Jr. Sci. Ctr. School
Drew Middle School
Eagle Rock Elementary
Eagle Rock Senior High
Eagle Tree Continuation High
Early College Academy for Leaders & Scholars
East Valley Senior High
Eastman Elementary
Edison Middle School
Edward R. Roybal Learning Center
El Camino Real Charter High School
El Camino Real Senior High
El Sereno Middle School
ELA Perform Arts Acad. at Esteban Torres HS
ELA Renaissance Acad. at Esteban Torres HS
Elementary Community Day School
Elizabeth Learning Center
Ellen Ochoa Learning Center
Ellington Continuation High
Emelita Elementary
Emerson Middle School
Endeavor College Prep Charter School
Engineer & Tech. Acad. at Esteban Torres HS
Erwin Elementary
Euclid Elementary
Evergreen Continuation High
Fairfax Senior High
Fernangeles Elementary
Fishburn Elementary
Fleming Middle School
Florence Elementary
Florence Griffith Joyner Elementary
Flournoy Elementary
Ford Elementary
Foshay Learning Center
Francis Polytechnic Senior High
Francisco Bravo Medical Magnet
Frank Del Olmo Elementary
Franklin Senior High
Fremont Senior High
Frida Kahlo Continuation High
Fries Elementary
Frost Middle School
Gage Middle School
Garden Grove Elementary
Gardena Senior High
Gardner Elementary
Garfield Senior High
Garvanza Elementary
Gaspar De Portola Middle School
Gates Elementary
George De La Torre Jr. Elementary
George E. Hale Charter Academy
George K. Porter Middle School
Germain Elementary
Gledhill Elementary
Glen Alta Elementary
Gompers Middle School
Graham Elementary
Grand View Elementary
Gratts Elementary
Griffin Elementary
Griffith Middle School
Grover Cleveland Senior High
Gulf Elementary
Haddon Elementary
Hamilton Senior High
Harbor City Elementary
Harbor Teacher Preparation Academy
Harrison School
Harte Middle School
Harvard Elementary
Hazeltine Elementary
Helen Bernstein Senior High
Heliotrope Elementary
Henry Middle School
Hesby Oaks School
Highland Park Continuation High
Hobart Elementary
Hollenbeck Middle School
Hollywood Primary Center
Hollywood Senior High
Hooper Elementary
Hoover Elementary
Hope Continuation High
Hope Elementary
Humanitas Acad - Art & Tech - Esteban Torres HS
Humanities Arts School at Roosevelt SH
Humphreys Elementary
Huntington Park Senior High
Hyde Park Elementary
Independence Continuation High
International Studies Learning Center
Irving Middle School
Ivanhoe Elementary
Jack London Community Day School
James Monroe Senior High
Jane Addams Continuation High
Joaquin Miller Career And Transition Center
John Adams Middle School
John F. Kennedy Senior High
John H. Liechty Middle School
John Marshall Senior High
John R. Wooden High School
John W. Mack Elementary
Johnnie L. Cochran Jr. Middle School
Johnson Community Day School
Jordan Senior High
Julian Nava Learn. Acad.-Bus. and Tech. School
Julian Nava Learn. Acad.-Sch. of Arts and Culture
Julie Korenstein Elementary
King Elementary
King Middle School
King-Drew Medical Magnet
La Salle Elementary
Lafayette Park Primary Center
Lanai Elementary
Lankershim Elementary
Lanterman High School - TMR
Laurel Elementary
Lawrence Middle School
Le Conte Middle School
Leadership in Entertainment & Media Arts
Leichman HS Special Education Center
Leland Elementary
Leonis Continuation High
Lewis Continuation High
Liberty Elementary
Liggett Elementary
Lockhurst Elementary
Logan Elementary
Loma Vista Elementary
London Continuation High
Lorne Elementary
Los Angeles Academy Middle School
Los Angeles Center for Enriched Studies
Los Angeles Elementary
LA HS of the Arts at Robert F. Kennedy HS
Los Angeles School of Global Studies
Los Angeles Senior High
Los Angeles Teacher Preparatory Academy
Los Feliz Elementary
Luther Burbank Middle School
Maclay Middle School
Madison Middle School
Magnolia Elementary
Magnolia Sci. Acad. Bell @ South Region MS #2A
Malabar Elementary
Manhattan Place Elementary
Mann Middle School
Manual Arts Senior High
Maple Primary Center
Marina Del Rey Middle School
Mariposa-Nabi Primary Center
Mark Twain Middle School
Markham Middle School
Marlton School
Math Sci. Tech. Magnet Acad. at Roosevelt SH
Maurice Sendak Elementary
Mayall Elementary
Mayberry Elementary
Maywood Academy Senior High
Maywood Elementary School
Mc Alister High School
Mc Kinley Elementary
Metropolitan Continuation High
Micheltorena Elementary
Mid-City Magnet
Middleton Elementary
Middleton Primary Center
Miguel Contreras Learning Complex
Miles Elementary
Miller Elementary
Millikan Middle School
Miramonte Elementary
Mission Continuation High
Moneta Continuation High
Montara Elementary
Monte Vista Elementary
Monterey Continuation High
Morningside Elementary
Mount Gleason Middle School
Mount Lukens Continuation High
Mount Washington Elementary
Muir Middle School
Mulholland Middle School
Multnomah Elementary
Narbonne Senior High
New Design Charter School -Watts
New Designs
New Open World Academy K-12
New Technology Senior High @ Jefferson SH
Newmark Continuation High
Nightingale Middle School
Nobel Middle School
Noble Elementary
Nora Sterry Elementary
Normandie Elementary
North Hollywood Senior High
Northridge Academy Senior High
Northridge Middle School
Nueva Vista Elementary
Odyssey Continuation High
Olive Vista Middle School
Oliver W. Holmes Middle School
Olympic Primary Center
O'Melveny Elementary
Orchard Academies #2B
Orchard Academies #2C
Orthopaedic Hospital Medical Magnet HS
Owensmouth Continuation High
Oxnard Elementary
Pacific Boulevard School
Pacoima Middle School
Palisades Charter Senior High School
Palms Middle School
Panorama Senior High
Park Avenue Elementary
Park Western Elementary
Patton Continuation High
Paul Revere Middle School
Perez Special Education Center
Phoenix Continuation High
Pio Pico Middle School
Plasencia Elementary
President Elementary
Pueblo De Los Angeles Continuation High
Queen Anne Elementary
Ramon C. Cortines Sch. of Vis. & Perf. Arts
Ramona Opportunity High School
Rancho Dominguez Preparatory School
Reseda Elementary
Reseda Senior High
Richard A. Alonzo Community Day School
Riverside Elementary
Robert E. Peary Middle School
Robert Fulton College Preparatory School
Robert L. Stevenson Middle School
Rodia Continuation High
Rogers Continuation High
Roosevelt HS STEM
Roscoe Elementary
Rosemont Elementary
Rosewood Elementary
Roy Romer Middle School
Russell Elementary
Sal Castro Middle School
Salvin Sp Ed Ctr.
San Antonio Continuation High
San Fernando Institute Of Applied Media
San Fernando Middle School
San Fernando Senior High
San Miguel Elementary
San Pascual Elementary
San Pedro Elementary
San Pedro Senior High
Santee Education Complex
Saticoy Elementary
Saturn Elementary
School of Comm. NM Tech at Roosevelt SH
School of Engineering and Tech. at Mendez LC
School of Law and Government at Roosevelt SH
School of Math and Sci. at Mendez LC
School of STEM @ Roosevelt
STEM @ Helen Bernstein SH
Secondary Community Day School
Selma Elementary
Sepulveda Middle School
Serrania Elementary
Sharp Elementary
Shenandoah Elementary
Sheridan Elementary
Sherman Oaks Center For Enriched Studies
Sierra Park Elementary
Social Justice Leadership Acad. at Torres HS
Solano Elementary
Sonia Sotomayor Learning Acad. LA River Sch.
South East Senior High
South Gate Middle School
South Gate Senior High
South Reg High School #2 Comm. and Tech.
South Region HS #2 Green Design
South Region HS #2 Perf. Arts Community
South Region HS #2 Public Svc. Community
South Region Elementary School #2
South Region Elementary School #3
South Region Elementary School #7
South Region High School #2A
South Region High School #2B
South Region High School #2C
South Region High School #2D
South Region Middle School #2B
South Region MS #2C
South Shores/CSUDH Magnet
Southeast Middle School
Stanford Elementary
State Elementary
Stephen M. White Middle School
Stonehurst Elementary
Stoner Elementary
Stoney Point Continuation High
Sun Valley Middle School
Sun Valley Senior High
Sunland Elementary
Sunrise Elementary
Superior Elementary
Sutter Middle School
Sylmar Elementary
Sylmar Senior High
Taft Senior High
Telfair Elementary
Teresa P. Hughes Elementary
Thomas Bradley Env. Sci. & Humanities Magnet
Thomas Jefferson Senior High
Thoreau Continuation High
Tri-C Community Day School
Trinity Elementary
Tulsa Elementary
Tweedy Elementary
UCLA Community School K-12
Ulysses S. Grant Senior High
University Senior High
Utah Elementary
Valley Academy Of Arts And Sciences
Valley Alternative
Valley Region Elementary School #12
Valley Region Elementary School #6
Valley Region Elementary School #8
Valley Region Elementary School #9
Valley Region High School #4
Valley Region High School #5C
Valley Region High School #5D
Valley Region High School #5E
Valley Region High School #5F
Valley View Elementary
Van Ness Elementary
Van Nuys Middle School
Van Nuys Senior High
Vanalden Elementary
Venice Senior High
Verdugo Hills Senior High
Vermont Elementary
Victory Elementary
View Park Continuation High
Vine Elementary
Vintage Math/Science Magnet
Virgil Middle School
Vista Middle School
Walgrove Elementary
Walter Reed Middle School
Warner Elementary
Washington Preparatory Senior High School
Webster Middle School
Weigand Elementary
West Adams Preparatory Senior High
West Hollywood Community Day School
Westchester Enriched Sci Mag-Hlth/Sports Med
Westchester Senior High
Western Elementary
Westside Global Awareness Magnet
White Point Elementary
Whitman Continuation High
Wilbur Elementary
Willenberg Special Education Center
William J. Johnston Community Day School
William Jefferson Clinton Middle School
William R. Anton Elementary
Wilmington Middle School
Wilmington Park Elementary
Wilshire Park Elementary School
Wisdom Elementary
Wonderland Elementary
Woodcrest Elementary
Woodland Hills Academy
Woodland Hills Elementary
Woodlawn Elementary
Woodrow Wilson Senior High
Wright Middle School
Young Oak Kim Academy
Youth Opportunities Unlimited
Zane Grey Continuation High