Custom Groups

With the new custom groups application, school administrators can now create customized groups of students for easy viewing in MyData. A custom group is a specific group of students that you create yourself. Perhaps you want to keep track of students who participate in an after school program. Or, maybe you want to see how recently reclassified English learners are currently performing and you want to continue to track their performance over time. Custom groups can be used to group students for intervention or enrichment. Counselors can also build a roster of the students they are responsible for and then monitor those students using the reports from the classroom dashboards.

With custom groups, you create the group and decide which students will be a part of it. You can add or remove students at any time, and the group is viewable in any of the classroom reports of MyData. Please note that when custom groups are created in the data entry application, they need an overnight refresh and will show in MyData the following day.

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Custom Group Help Download this file to learn how to create and work with custom groups.
Creating Custom Groups Watch a PowerPoint tutorial on how to create custom groups!