School Based Assessments

The School Based Assessments (SBA) application has been created in response to user feedback. In addition to the periodic assessments from Core-K12 and SOAR, many schools have developed their own assessments for more frequent progress monitoring. The SBA application allows schools to enter their own assessments and view these assessments in the “My Students, Current Year Data” classroom dashboard, where the reports also include basic demographic data, CST scores and periodic assessment results, allowing you to compare student progress on a variety of assessments. The results are available in MyData as soon as they are saved.

Note: If you would like to input scores for a specific assessment, and you do not see it included in the application, then complete the form for establishing a new school based assessment and submit it to the Office of Data and Accountability. Please select the link below to access the form.

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To Include New SBA If you would like to include an assessment which does not currently exist in the SBA application, download this form.
SBA Help Download this PDF file to learn how to use the School Based Assessment feature.
Entering School-Based Assessments Watch a PowerPoint tutorial on how to enter school-based assessments!