Public School Choice - Evaluation Overview

Dear LAUSD Parents, Staff and Community,

Passage of the Public School Choice Resolution in 2009 provides us with an opportunity to identify the best instructional practices for our students. To help keep you informed of my official recommendation to the Board of Education on February 23, I have gathered data points from the following processes:

  1. Initial Review Team: Consisted of 44 reviewers who read individual proposals for each designated Public School Choice site and generated corresponding site summary recommendations.
  2. Superintendent's Panel: An additional review team of 12 reviewers who read proposals and the site summaries produced by the Initial Review Team.
  3. Advisory Vote: After convening December Public School Choice Informational Meetings and January Applicant Team Presentation Meetings, students, parents, staff and community members submitted their recommendations via an Advisory Vote.

As part of our continued efforts to provide transparency and engage all school stakeholders directly throughout this process, I am releasing the information gathered from each of the above-mentioned processes. Next to this letter, you will find a link to a new webpage that hosts the following information for each Public School Choice site:

  • Initial Review Team site recommendations
  • Superintendent Panel site recommendations
  • Advisory Vote tabulations (unofficial and uncertified)

As I deliberate on my official recommendations to the Board of Education over the next couple of weeks, I will review the same information provided to you on this new webpage. I will be recommending plans that best meet my guiding principles: a strong, research-based, data-driven instructional plan with a clear assessment methodology; a plan with a proven track record of success with students of similar demographics; a plan that shows strong outreach and a collaborative approach with all stakeholders; a plan that demonstrates effective structures to support the implementation of their instructional plan. I encourage you to thoroughly review each of the proposals as well as the recommendations from the three review processes. If our focus remains on quality, I believe we will be able to agree on which plans will have the best opportunity to provide a better educational experience to over 38,000 students.

I look forward to sharing with you my official recommendations on February 23.  We then can continue to support our school communities as they proceed with implementing their plans to provide our students with the best education possible.

Ramon C. Cortines

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