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For assistance with LAUSDMAX technical issues (e.g., password, access, or data), contact the ITD HelpDesk at 213-241-5200, choose option 5 for ISIS or SIS issues, or open a ticket using Customer Self Service .
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 Using the Sandbox
What is the sandbox?

The ISIS sandbox is a practice environment that looks and functions like LAUSDMAX, except with fictitious student and staff data. The sandbox may be accessed from within any Internet connection twenty-four hours a day.  


The sandbox is populated with temporary data which is brought back to its original state every day. Therefore, users should not expect any changes made to data to remain in place the next day.

Why is it useful?
The sandbox is useful for anybody wishing to familiarize themselves with the LAUSDMAX application. It is especially useful for School-Based Support staff members attending the instructor-led training (ILT) sessions, and then returning to the school or work site to coordinate training for teachers and office staff.  SBS can use the sandbox to present scenarios used in conjunction with the concepts covered in ILT and web-based learning (WBL) instruction.
Get Started

To “play” within the sandbox, please complete the following steps:

1.       Go to the Sandbox Usernames and Passwords section to the right and select a Username and Password based on your school type.

2.       Open a new internet browser window and type the following URL:

3.       Log in by typing your selected Username and Password.


Once logged in, you will have access to various “portals”; select the one you wish to access.  If you would like to use LAUSDMAX from a teacher’s perspective, you must click Teacher Portal. To practice various office tasks, or view the application from an administrative perspective, you must enter the Admin Portal.  To select a different portal, you must first log off by clicking on the Logoff link in the top-right corner of the active LAUSDMAX screen, then log in again to access the portal selection page.

 Log in to the Sandbox
 Sandbox Usernames & Passwords
Elementary Schools
Elementary school employees can use any of these fictitious accounts to log in to the sandbox and practice using LAUSDMAX.
Secondary Schools
Secondary school employees can use any of these fictitious accounts to log in to the sandbox and practice using LAUSDMAX.
IMPORTANT: If a sandbox account has already been used today, then the Attendance Certification window will not pop up for your teacher.

The reason is because in everyday attendance-taking, the Attendance Certification window appears only the first time a teacher takes attendance; as such, if a teacher goes back to edit the attendance of a student, they will not see a pop-up window again.

TIP: Try various username/password combinations, until you find one that has not been used. You can also run the sandbox “Attendance Not Submitted Report” from the Admin Portal for a list of fictitious users that have not taken attendance.

Unused sandbox accounts allow teachers the “real experience” of taking attendance, which includes the Attendance Certification window that appears when a teacher submits attendance.