Social Networking Safety for Parents and Students The following provides helpful tips for parents and students for managing responsible use of technology.
Teaching Tolerance for Middle School Students This handbook provides information, activities and resources for developing a middle school school-wide student-led program for a promoting a safe and respectful school environment.
CYBERBULLYING: What Parents and Students Should Know ENGLISH Guidelines of what parents and students should know about cyberbullying
CYBERBULLYING: What Parents and Students Should Know SPANISH Guidelines of what parents and students should know about cyberbullying in Spanish
Cyber Safety and Crime Guide For Parents Cyber Safety and Crime Guide for parents developed by the L.A. City Attorney, FBI, LACOE, Missing and Exploited Children, ICAN, L.A. County Sheriff & NetzSmartz
Cyber Safety and Crime Guide For Parents SPANISH
Net Cetera Toolkit: Chatting with Kids About Being Online Brochure: OnGuard Online Stop,Think, Click
Net Cetera Chatting with Kids About Being Online Complete parents guide for discussing safety online with kids.
Ideas To Stop Bullying by NNCW Activities for schools to stop bullying
Department of Education: Bullying at Schools Research based strategies for recognizing and responding to bullying and hate/bias related behaviors.
Don't Laugh At Me Anti-Bullying Activities Grades 2 - 5 Activities for teaching students prosocial skills for managing and prventing bullying behaviors.
Don't Laugh At Me Anti-Bullying Activities Grades 6 - 8 Activities for teaching students prosocial skills of managing and preventing bullying behavior.
A Guide to the Film BULLY: Fostering Empathy and Action in Schools A guide for teachers, parents and other adults to leading discussions and action plans to address bullying. Written by Facing History and Ourselves.
PSA - You Can Be Heroic This PSA shows children and adults standing up to bullying. Appropriate for all audiences
PSA - Once Posted You Lose It This PSA illustrates the dangers of posting pictures of oneself. Appropriate for all audiences.
PSA "My Strength" created by Men Can Stop Rape This PSA urges young men to show their strength by respecting women. Appropriate for upper level secondary audiences.
PSA: Ten Things Men Can Do To Stop Gender Violence PSA created to show the hurtful potential of gender-based and sexualized epithets. Appropriate for staff trainings
PSA Choose What Happens Next Interactive PSA allows the viewer to "chose" whether to send explicit pictures. Appropriate for secondary audiences
PSA - Bully Dance Video Dance performance illustrating the effects of bullying and the power of upstanders in standing up for respect. No dialogue. 7 minutes. Suitable for all audiences.
PSA - The Price of Silence Illustrates the importance bystanders have in supporting or ending bullying. Appropriate for all audience
PSA - Stand Up High school students intervene in bullying and ask.. what would have happen had they NOT intervened. Appropriate for secondary audiences.
Sample Individual Safety Plan Sample form to develop an individualized student safety plan to address alleged bullying and establish guidelines for all stakeholders.
PSA - Cyberbullying Talent Show PSA on cyberbullying - If you wouldn't say it in person, why say it online? Appropriate for all ages
PSA - Cyberbullying If you wouldn't say in in person, don't say it on line. Appropriate for secondary.
PSA - Think before you post - Sexting Sara learns what happens to her posts. Suitable for secondary audiences.
PSA - Exposed 10 minute drama dealing with sexting and cyberbullying. Appropriate for mature high school students.
PSA - Perfect Ahmir's cover of the song "Perfect" by Pink on standing up to bullying and believing in yourself. Appropriate for all audiences.
PBS Bullying Prevention Elementary Students Positive Behavior Support curriculm for elementary school aged students to prevent bullying.
PBS Bullying Prevention Middle Schools Positive Behavior Support curriculum for middle school students.
Take a Stand; Take the Pledge PSA showing how students can stand up to bullying. Appropriate for all audiences.
Bullying of America's Muslim Children Recommendations from Yale University on actions that schools can take to lead to a greater acceptance of Muslim youth.
PSA: Who Do U Think U R Cypress High School created a lip synch video as a statement against bullying.
Think B4 You Speak Think B4 You Speak has posters, videos and resources for educators, coaches and parents to reduce bullying.
Be that one. Student produced PSA showing how one person can make a big difference in ending bullying.
Spirit Day 2012 No one should be bullied or called names simply for being who they are. You can show your support for LGBT teens by wearing purple for Spirit Day on October 19.
PSA - The School Bully A school bully shares his internal dialogue of pain and inadequacy. Appropriate for adult audiences
No Name Calling Week January 23-27*, No Name-Calling Week, is dedicated to educational activities aimed at ending name-calling and bullying. Refer to for school activities.
Bully Dance Film Bully Dance is a 10-minute animated film. A community is disrupted when a bully victimizes a smaller member of the group. Suitable for all ages
PSA Bullying PSA produced by Jonathan Tapia & Sally Roman of Hollywood HS. Suitable for all audiences
Not In Our School Campaign A quick start guide to empower students to create safe and inclusive environments that are free of bullying, anti-gay harassment, bigotry, racism, and all forms of intolerance.
PSA Don't Bully Be a Friend Student produced film encouraging bystanders to be upstanders in bullying. Suitable for all audiences
PSA - Football team protects bullied girl Inspiring story of a high school football team who made a difference in ending bullying. Suitable for all audiences.
PSA Be the Hero We all have the the power to stop bullying. Shows the power of being an upstander. 1 minute. Suitable for all audiences.