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 Office Information

The Art and Artifact Collection Office is open on Fridays from 9 am to 5 pm by appointment. Please note that AAC exhibits and collections are available year-round.

The phone number is 213-742-8351. The email address is leslie.fischer@lausd.net.

The AAC Office is located at 1330 W. Pico Blvd., Room 288, Los Angeles, CA 90015.


Cuneiform Tablet, Neo-Babylonian, clay, c. 500-699 B.C.

Roman Coin with bearded head of Janus, bronze, circa 225-217 B.C.

Greek Skyphos of the late 6th Century B.C. from the former Venice High School Latin Museum

 Within LAUSD

The AAC encourages the creative, instructional use of Collection materials and is constantly seeking new ideas and methods to support multi-sensory learning experiences for students. Toward these ends, the AAC will support curriculum development by teachers on an individual basis, by providing access to Collection artifacts and materials, contextual information, leads for further research and a lesson development template. Completed lesson plans as well as sample student project work will be shared with other interested teachers who wish to use the AAC Collection. Curator Leslie Fischer is available on a limited basis to present authentic artifacts to students, observe instruction, and answer any questions.

LAUSD teachers, administrators, parents and alumni may make direct requests for programs and services such as classroom "field trips" and exhibitions to the AAC Curator. AAC staff is available to provide customized support for lesson implementation including class visits and curatorial assistance in the selection of thematically based materials.

Two opportunities are currently available: "LAUSD: Legacy of Learning" and Antiquities Handling Sessions. Both free exhibits build skills in numerous subject areas and tie into the Frameworks and Learning Standards for California Public Schools including:

Social Studies - Chronological and Spatial Thinking; Research, Evidence and Point of View; and Historical Interpretation
Science - Investigation and Experimentation
Visual Art - Processing, Analyzing and Responding to Sensory Information through the Language and Skills Unique to the Visual Arts
Theater - Creating, Performing and Participating in Theater

Click on this link to view a sample lesson plan for "Legacy of Learning."

Click here to view the California state standards for "Legacy." Click here to view the standards for the Antiquities.

LAUSD: Legacy of Learning

Teacher and GATE Coordinator Toni Chu at Delevan Elementary School showing her 3rd grade class the School Life Scrapbook.

Linda Maher, 3rd grade teacher at Vine Elementary School, shows her students the treasures in the trunk. 

Antiquities Handling Session

 The second classroom experience is the opportunity to carefully examine LAUSD's ancient artifacts in the classroom setting. Lesson topics include "Roman Objects of Daily Life," "Decoding Mesopotamian Cuneiform Tablets," and "Ancient Coins: Symbols and Value."  


Gage Middle School students in Sharon Chown's 6th grade Ancient Civilization class participate in a guided Handling Session with authentic ancient artifacts (left). Students follow up the lesson with class projects and student presentations in which the 6th grade "experts" present clay replicas of ancient Roman measuring scales along with oral reports to their classmates (right).

Thank you note from Michele Suttles' 3rd grade class at Weemes Elementary School