Personnel Commission
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Employee File Request Form
Classified Employees may submit this form to request that their employee file be released as indicated.
PC 8102 June 01, 2017
Classified Employment Processing Documentation Reference Sheet
The Classified Employment Processing Documentation Reference Sheet is used as a reference guide for appropriate documentation needed for employment processing.
PC PROCREF August 01, 2016
Employee/Contractor Exit Checklist
The Employee/Contractor Exit Checklist is to be used in determining if employee/contrator has returned all district property prior to leaving the District.
PC 110 October 12, 2015
Request for Change of Assignment
Request for change of classified assignment (shift, basis, time, status, and classification). This is not a request for transfer form. (Rev. 9/13)
PC 5004 September 16, 2014
Statement Regarding Confidentiality (Rodda Act)
This Statement regarding confidentiality is pursuant to Government Code Section 3540.1(h) signed by the employee. (Rev. 9/13)
PC 38 December 04, 2013
Request for Restoration or Transfer of Name
This is the request to restore a name to the Classified eligibility list, if in good standing. (Revised 9/20/13)
PC 5189b December 04, 2013
Application for Issuance of Teacher Assistant Certificate
Los Angeles County Office of Education form no. 503-103
LACOE 503-103 December 04, 2013
Classified Substitutte Unsatisfactory Report
The Classified Substitute Unsatisfactory Report is used to report unacceptable behavior/performance of a classified substitute by the principal or section head to the Employment Transaction Services Branch and to the employee. (Rev. 9/13)
PC 5310 December 04, 2013
Application for Temporary Work
An application for temporary employment. (Revised 12/2013)
PC 6003 December 04, 2013
Classified Staff Resignation Form
The Classified Staff Resignation form is submitted to the Classified Employment Transaction Services Branch when an employee wished to resign from a classified position. It must also be completed by employees who plan to retire. (Rev. 8/14)
PC 5209 December 04, 2013
Non-Routine Payment Request
This form is used to request pay for a classified employee that does not yet have a legal assignment. (Revised 9/13)
PC 9074 December 04, 2013
Classified Retired Employee's Acknowledgment
A classified retired employee submits this form to acknowledge receipt of information regarding the restrictions and responsibilities of their employment. (Revised 1/14)
PC 5301 December 04, 2013
Request for Reinstatement
Classified employees submit this form to request reinstatment to the classified service. (Rev. 1/14)
PC 5126 December 04, 2013
Classified Unauthorized Absence Worksheet
Form to be submitted by a department when a classified employee is absent without authorization.(Rev. 10/13)
PC 5096 December 04, 2013
Notice of Outstanding Work Performance
This form is to be filled out to provide an official record of commendation for a classified employee for outstanding work performance. (Rev.10/13)
PC 8254 December 04, 2013
Provisional Form
Accepting a temporary assignment at the Los Angeles Unified School District as a provisional employee. (Revised 10/13)
PC 6280 December 04, 2013
Information, Instructions and Conditions of Employment for Classified Substitutes
Contains the conditions of employment for classified substitutes. (Rev. 9/13)
PC 5312 December 04, 2013
TA Notice of Failure to Meet Employment Standards
Lack of continuous college enrollment. (Rev. 10/13)
PC 5330TA December 04, 2013
Teacher Assistant Resignation
Teacher Assistant resigning from all employment with the Los Angeles Unified School District. (Rev. 11/13)
PC 5193TA December 04, 2013
Teacher Assistant Reduction-in-Force Form
Reduction-in-Force Form for Teacher Assistants (Rev. 10/13)
PC 5009 December 04, 2013