Personnel Commission
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Request for Change of Assignment
Request for change of classified assignment (shift, basis, time, status, and classification). This is not a request for transfer form. (Rev. 9/13)
PC 5004 September 16, 2014
Statement Regarding Confidentiality (Rodda Act)
This Statement regarding confidentiality is pursuant to Government Code Section 3540.1(h) signed by the employee. (Rev. 9/13)
PC 38 December 04, 2013
Request for Restoration or Transfer of Name
This is the request to restore a name to the Classified eligibility list, if in good standing. (Revised 9/20/13)
PC 5189b December 04, 2013
Application for Issuance of Teacher Assistant Certificate
Los Angeles County Office of Education form no. 503-103
LACOE 503-103 December 04, 2013
Application for Temporary Work
An application for temporary employment. (Revised 12/2013)
PC 6003 December 04, 2013
Teacher Assistant Leave Request Form
Request for unpaid leave of absence that will extend for 21 days or more. (Rev. 9/13)
PC 5194TA December 04, 2013
Classified Staff Resignation Form
The Classified Staff Resignation form is submitted to the Classified Employment Transaction Services Branch when an employee wished to resign from a classified position. It must also be completed by employees who plan to retire. (Rev. 8/14)
PC 5209 December 04, 2013
Classified Substitutte Unsatisfactory Report
The Classified Substitute Unsatisfactory Report is used to report unacceptable behavior/performance of a classified substitute by the principal or section head to the Employment Transaction Services Branch and to the employee. (Rev. 9/13)
PC 5310 December 04, 2013
Request for Bilingual Differential or Selective Certification for Bilingual Skills
This form is used by site administrators to request a bilingual differential or selective certification for bilingual skills. (Rev. 9/13)
PC 6421 December 04, 2013
Non-Routine Payment Request
This form is used to request pay for a classified employee that does not yet have a legal assignment. (Revised 9/13)
PC 9074 December 04, 2013
Classified Retired Employee's Acknowledgment
A classified retired employee submits this form to acknowledge receipt of information regarding the restrictions and responsibilities of their employment. (Revised 1/14)
PC 5301 December 04, 2013
Request for Reinstatement
Classified employees submit this form to request reinstatment to the classified service. (Rev. 1/14)
PC 5126 December 04, 2013
Classified Unauthorized Absence Worksheet
Form to be submitted by a department when a classified employee is absent without authorization.(Rev. 10/13)
PC 5096 December 04, 2013
Notice of Outstanding Work Performance
This form is to be filled out to provide an official record of commendation for a classified employee for outstanding work performance. (Rev.10/13)
PC 8254 December 04, 2013
Provisional Form
Accepting a temporary assignment at the Los Angeles Unified School District as a provisional employee. (Revised 10/13)
PC 6280 December 04, 2013
Information, Instructions and Conditions of Employment for Classified Substitutes
Contains the conditions of employment for classified substitutes. (Rev. 9/13)
PC 5312 December 04, 2013
TA Notice of Failure to Meet Employment Standards
Lack of continuous college enrollment. (Rev. 10/13)
PC 5330TA December 04, 2013
Teacher Assistant Resignation
Teacher Assistant resigning from all employment with the Los Angeles Unified School District. (Rev. 11/13)
PC 5193TA December 04, 2013
Teacher Assistant Reduction-in-Force Form
Reduction-in-Force Form for Teacher Assistants (Rev. 10/13)
PC 5009 December 04, 2013
Leave of Absence Packet
This Leave of Absence Packet contains Instructions, Leave of Absence Request, Attending Physician/Health Care Provider Statement, and Notice of Intent to Return to Work forms. (Revised 12/12)
PC 5006, 5166, 5178 December 05, 2012