Learn how to access the Learning Zone through step-by-step instructions.  Click on the links below.

You may view the video at your convenience and as many times as needed. You can rewind, pause, and fast forward to view the needed information.

Note:  There will be four tutorials on Learning Zone - Training Basics.  Each tutorial will request a password before starting.  The password for each tutorial is:  123456.  Please follow the prompts.  There will be a few seconds of delay before the tutorial begins.

Tutorial 1: How to Login to the Learning Zone, Search and register for a class.

Tutorial 2:  Confirmation email and launching the class in the Learning Zone
Coming Soon!

Tutorial 3:  Assessments and Evaluations
Coming Soon!

Tutorial 4:  My History Tab
Coming Soon!



How to enroll in an LZ class
How to enroll in an ISIS course

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