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Smarter Balanced Field Test

The computer-based Smarter Balanced Field Test will be administered to students in California schools from March 18 to June 6, 2014. Individual schools were assigned six weeks within that window to administer the test. The six-week window for all LAUSD single track schools is from April 1 to May 16, 2014. Bell Senior High has been assigned the entire testing window from March 18 to June 6 due to their year-round calendars.

The Field Test will be administered in accordance with the following student participation expectations:

  • For grades three through eight, all students will participate.
  • For grades nine and ten, only students in schools selected for a scientific sample will participate.
  • For grade eleven, all students will participate.

The only students exempt from participating in the spring 2014 Smarter Balanced Field Test are:

  1. students who will participate in the California Alternate Performance Assessment (CAPA); and
  2. for the English–language arts field test only, English learners who have been attending school in the U.S. for less than 12 months.
    1. Field Test Downtime

      The Test Administration Interface is scheduled for system maintenance on Thursday, May 8 and Friday, May 9. Students will not be able to take the Field Test these two days. The system will resume normal operations on Monday, May 12. Note that users can still access the Online Reporting System and the TIDE system during the downtime period.

Troubleshooting - SBAC Field Test

"Passcode Requirement" Message Follow these instructions if you are receiving an error with a Passcode Requirement on an iPad delivered with a testing cart or through the 1:1 Common Core Technology Project.
Test Session Troubleshooting Guide - Updated 4-23-2014 Test Administrators and School Coordinators may use this guide to address testing related issues that may occur during a test session.
Smarter Balanced Testing Known Issues Access a list of known Smarter Balanced Field Test technical issues and recommended solutions.

Resources - District

    Click here to access content area assignments, classroom activities, District surveys, PowerPoint slides, and additional teacher, coordinator, and principal resources.

Resources - State and SBAC

Online Reporting System (ORS)

ORS User Guide This user guide describes the features of the ORS, a web-based system that enables users to view test progress information for students participating in the Spring 2014 Smarter Balanced Field Test.

Appeals in TIDE

TIDE Appeals Guidance Document This document describes the conditions under which a test may be invalidated, reset, reopened, or restored.
TIDE User Guide - California Pages 47-62 of this manual describe the appeals process in TIDE.
Testing Incident or Impropriety Report Form Use this form to report test administrator errors, disruptions and student cheating. Contact the Student Testing Unit if testing irregularities or security breach occur.

Manuals and Guides

SBAC - CA Online Field Test Administration Manual This manual provides information for Coordinators and Test Administrators regarding policies and procedures for the California Smarter Balanced Field Test.
TIDE User Guide - California The Test Information Distribution Engine (TIDE) manual provides information on how to manage student information and user accounts for online testing.
Usability, Accessibility, and Accommodations Guidelines This manual focuses on universal tools, designated supports, and accommodations for the Smarter Balanced content assessments.
Technical Specifications Manual This manual provides technology staff with Internet and network requirements, general hardware and software information, secure browser installation instructions, hardware and software requirements for Braille users, and information about text-to-speech and voice packs.
Test Administrator User Guide This resource supports individuals using the Test Delivery System applications to manage testing for students participating in the Field Test. This user guide provides information about the Test Delivery System, including the Test Administrator and student applications.
Session ID and Test Selection Instructions for Test Administrators This document is designed to help Test Administrators navigate the Test Administrator Interface, create session IDs, and select non-performance task (non-PT) forms and performance tasks (PT) for the Smarter Balanced Field Test assessment.
Directions for Administration Script - Smarter Balanced Field Test Use this document to assist students with the login procedures. Please refer to the California Test Administrator User Guide above to familiarize yourself with the Online Testing System.



Universal Tools (14:07 RUNTIME) This training acquaints students and teachers with the online, universal tools (e.g., types of calculators, expandable text) available in the Smarter Balanced assessments. This module should be shown to students in a classroom/group setting.
Practice Test Resources and documentation Get Practice and Training Test information to prepare for administering a classroom activity.
Accessibility and Accommodations (35:00 RUNTIME) This training describes the recommended uses of available universal tools, designated supports, and documented accommodations for student accessibility to Smarter Balanced assessments.
Smarter Balanced Test Administration Overview (55:00 RUNTIME) This training prepares Test Coordinators and Test Administrators with an overview of procedures, including policy matters and test security processes.
Test Administrator Interface for Online Testing (17:00 RUNTIME) This training is for Test Administrators/Examiners. It presents an overview on how to navigate the Test Administrator Interface.
Performance Task Overview (11:13 RUNTIME) This training gives Test Coordinators and teachers an overview of what a Performance Task is and the purpose of the classroom activity as it pertains to the performance task.
Student Interface for Online Testing (22:48 RUNTIME) This training explains to Test Coordinators, Test Administrators, and teachers how to navigate the Student Interface.
Smarter Balanced Field Test Overview (9:02 RUNTIME) This video gives an overview of the new Smarter Balanced Field Test.


Students: Meet Your New Testing Buddy! This video may be used to inform students about the administration of the Smarter Balanced Field Test.

Web Sites

Smarter Balanced Portal - California This Web site provides access to the Smarter Balanced Field Test, Practice Tests, Training Tests, TIDE, Test Administrator Interface and other resources.
Smarter Balanced Field Test - CDE Get access to the latest information and key resources for a variety of audiences about the Field Test.

Other Resources

Keyboard Commands for Students This document provides commands to navigate between test elements, features, and tools. This document can be printed for students' use during testing.
Duration and Timing Information for Field Test in CA The table provides estimated times it will take most students to complete the field test based on the time it took students to complete the SB Pilot Test.
Terminology - Smarter Balanced Field Test California Smarter Balanced Field Test terminology.
Field Test Parent/Guardian Notification Letter Templates (CDE) Schools may use these letter templates to notify parents about the Smarter Balanced Field Test.