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ITD HelpDesk
For assistance with LAUSDMAX technical issues (e.g., password, access, or data), contact the ITD HelpDesk at 213-241-5200, choose option 5 for ISIS or SIS issues, or open a ticket using Customer Self Service .
For Non-technical Questions or Concerns
E-mail from your LAUSD email.
Please click the categories below for a list of resources. The ISIS Team strives to provide users with relevant, useful information. We encourage users to check back frequently for new and updated materials.
ISIS File DirectoryISIS File Directory
The full listing of all documents for ISIS, including user guides, templates, forms, and more.
Forms LibraryForms Library
Includes user ID authorization request forms, batch removal of access fax form, special access addendum, and requests to change attendance parameters or grade entry windows.
Training & School Management LibraryTraining & School Management Library
Includes attendance and mark reporting procedure handbooks; mass mail/ pressure sealer templates and guides; training guides, and more.
ISIS Information LibraryISIS Information Library
Contains informational materials for ISIS, including flyers, project updates, and more.
Technical User GuidesTechnical User Guides
Includes both comprehensive and quick guides for performing various functions in LAUSDMAX (correspond with the web-based learning videos), working with ISIS Stats-at-a-Glance, and using the Formax pressure sealer machines.
Preparation LibraryPreparation Library
Includes checklists and preparation materials for opening day, as well as rollout guides for elementary, secondary, and Options schools.
Newsletter & Release Notes/LAUSDMAX Updates LibraryNewsletter & Release Notes/LAUSDMAX Updates Library
Includes new and archived versions of the ISIS Newsletter and LAUSDMAX software release notes.
Family Module LibraryFamily Module Library
Contains all the templates, forms, guides, and other resources schools need to implement Family Module in their school. Most of the resources can be altered to meet school needs when communicating with parents.
Welcome to the E-library

This is the document repository for all of the official District communications including
  • Bulletins
  • Memorandums
  • Reference guides
  • Templates and forms
  • Other document types

We have recently opened up this feature to include other document types including
  • Collective Bargaining Agreements
  • Handbooks
  • Newsletters
  • Presentations
  • Program Implementation Plans and Resources
  • Strategic Plans