IT Infrastructure Project Management Office
This Information Technology Program is a series of projects that provides a cohesive technology base that is the critical foundation for the delivery of voice, video, and data services necessary to support the District's educational mission. These projects encompass the following:
  • Increasing security capabilities that protect student and staff privacy.
  • The additional benefits of these projects will help to reduce recurring operations and maintenance costs and increases security capabilities within our schools.
The intent of the IT Infrastructure Annual Strategic Execution Plan (SEP)  (Click here for SEP Monthly Schedule in PDF) is to provide an easy to follow explicit guide focused on technology-related upgrades and new installations at school sites throughout the District.
  • Describes the scope of projects intended for school sites.
  • Outlines the schedule identifying when and where projects will be completed.
  • Identifies budgets and costs at the Program and Project levels.
  • Outlines the management structure and coordination requirements.
  • Delineates the accountability measures and procedures to be utilized to administer the program and achieve success.
  • Identifies the District's information technology infrastructure system(s).
The mission is to contribute to, support, and enhance educational practices and student achievement by providing appropriate and necessary technology resources, information, and related services.

The vision is to enhance and support the educational process by establishing and maintaining current and relevant technologies that:
  • Increase access to worldwide information through the Internet.
  • Increase opportunities for student research.
  • Allow access to educational partners.
  • Allow access to District educational and business applications and data.
  • Deliver and support rich media.
  • Increase collaboration.
  • Support instructional strategies that enhance student achievement.
  • Increase opportunities for staff development.
  • Allow on-line learning.
  • Increase mechanisms for greater communication between parents and staff.