The Children's Health Access and Medi-Cal Program (CHAMP) supports academic achievement and promotes wellness by enrolling children and youth into health insurance programs.

CHAMP provides information to parents and district staff on free or low-cost health insurance options, including Medi-Cal, Healthy Kids, Kaiser Permanente Child Health Plan, and others. CHAMP also assists students and their families in obtaining CalFresh, formerly known as food stamps.

CLICK HERE  to view a list of CHAMP's scheduled Parent Workshops this month on Covered CA and other available health coverage options. Last updated 04/08/2014

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CHAMP & Healthy

Start Programs

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Healthy Start Program

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Healthy Children Are Better Learners

During the last four school years, CHAMP has seen remarkable growth in the number of applications it submits to the State.

2008-2009 : 2,125 applications submitted

2009-2010 : 2,649 an increase of 524 applications or 24.7%

2010-2011 : 3,175 an increase of 526 applications or 19.9%

2011-2012 : 3,646 an increase of 471 applications or 14.8%

2012-2013 : 3,682 an increase of 36 applications or 1%