The Children's Health Access and Medi-Cal Program (CHAMP) supports academic achievement and promotes wellness by enrolling children and youth into health insurance programs.

CHAMP provides information to parents and district staff on free or low-cost health insurance options, including Medi-Cal, Healthy Kids, Kaiser Permanente Child Health Plan, and others. CHAMP also assists students and their families in obtaining CalFresh, formerly known as food stamps.

CLICK HERE  to view a list of CHAMP's scheduled Parent Workshops this month on available health coverage options. Last updated 05/23/2014
Click here to get information about the June 2014 free medical services at LAUSD locations.
Free Student Immunization Clinics.  Keeping up with your child's immunizations are essential for school and keeping your child healthy. Please view the list of free student immunizations clinics located in your area.

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Healthy Start Program

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Healthy Children Are Better Learners

During the last four school years, CHAMP has seen remarkable growth in the number of applications it submits to the State.

2008-2009 : 2,125 applications submitted

2009-2010 : 2,649 an increase of 524 applications or 24.7%

2010-2011 : 3,175 an increase of 526 applications or 19.9%

2011-2012 : 3,646 an increase of 471 applications or 14.8%

2012-2013 : 3,682 an increase of 36 applications or 1%