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The School Readiness Language Development Program (SRLDP) is an oral language program intended to prepare students for kindergarten. It provides students, including the child who is an English Language Learner (ELL) and needs primary-language instruction; and the child who is a Standard English Language Learner (SELL), who will be four-years old by December 2nd of the year of enrollment, the opportunity to increase the ability to listen, to speak effectively, to use vocabulary appropriately, and to develop academic readiness skills. It provides a parent involvement and education program that helps meet the needs of parents to positively facilitate the prekindergarten child’s developmental potential.

HOURS AND DAYS OF OPERATION: Monday through Thursday, Two sessions daily (am/pm), Single track is 2 hrs. 20 minutes, Multi-track is 2 hrs. 35 minutes, Fridays are pupil free days for professional development, parent conferences, planning, preparation, etc.

ELIGIBILITY: 4 years old by December 2nd, Resident at a PHBAO school, Parent or substitute must volunteer monthly, attend monthly parent meetings, and attend parent education sessions

CURRICULA AND LITERATURE: The core and essential documents of the Early Childhood Education Division are explicit and intentional in supporting improved student achievement. These documents are aligned to the California Kindergarten Standards in Language Arts and Mathematics. The Early Literacy Program, adopted by the District in March 2004, is DLM Express. DLM Express is aligned to the Open Court Kindergarten Reading Program. A variety of carefully selected books of various genres are consistently available to children. Criteria for selection of books include attention to positive depictions of cultural diversity. Teachers use a variety of strategies to encompass the diverse needs of children.

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: The professional development for all teachers and paraeducators are in alignment with the California's Pre-kindergarten Learning and Development Guidelines and the Early Childhood Education Division's Early Education Improvement Plan approved by the Board of Education in February 2001, New Teacher Orientation for each track is 4days and 2 additional specialized training days, Experienced Teachers 2 days, Paraeducators one day, Local District and school site professional development.

PARENT EDUCATION AND OUTREACH: 10 week session sponsored by DACE, Monthly meetings with teacher and aide, Montrly volunteering in classroom.

ENROLLMENT: The SRLDP program is located at specific LAUSD PHBOA Elementary schools. For a current list of SRLDP schools



Total Number of Programs: Total Number of Sites: Number of Children Enrolled:
388 290 13,968