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BTS Vision Statement
Through replacement of our aging financial, human resources, payroll & procurement systems, the District will:
  • Dramatically improve service delivery to schools/employees
  • Radically improve the efficiency of District operations and our ability to manage them
  • Reduce/eliminate paperwork and redundant manual processes
  • Provide better data for decision-makers and stakeholders at all levels

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Project Background
The Los Angeles Unified School District Business Tools for Schools (BTS) project, formerly known as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), kicked off on June 27, 2005. The LAUSD BTS project is a 27-month ERP implementation of the SAP software. SAP, a fully integrated software system, is designed to manage various business functions such as payroll, accounts receivables, accounts payable, facilities, human resources and supply chain.

After rigorous procurement and review processes, two vendors have been chosen to work with the LAUSD BTS project. The software vendor chosen is SAP. The System Integrator selected to partner with LAUSD for implementation is Deloitte.

The implementation of the SAP system will help LAUSD to:

  • Replace a payroll system that was written in the 1960s by now retired LAUSD programmers
  • Reduce the paperwork required to complete business transactions
  • Streamline redundant processes and data entry points into multiple systems by various business units

The core SAP modules that will be implemented at LAUSD will roll out in three major releases. In addition to absorbing and integrating the District's numerous disparate systems into the three main SAP functional releases, SAP will also help the District improve both business and financial processes to better meet the needs of schools in the District. The core SAP modules in the three Releases include:

  • Release 1 - will integrate financial functions that include General Ledger, Funds Management, Budget Development, Accounts Receivable, Grants Management, and Cost Accounting.
  • Release 2 - will integrate human resources and payroll functions and include Applicant Tracking, Payroll Processing, Time and Attendance, and Benefits Administration.
  • Release 3 - will integrate supply chain functions including Procurement, Accounts Payable, Inventory, Supplier Relations Management, and Asset Management and enable employee self-service and manager self-service.

Project Glossary

BTS Glossary of Terms  - Contains a list of commonly used project terms and their respective definitions.

Project Timeline
The project timeline for implementation is detailed below:
Release 1 (Finance) launched July 1, 2006
Release 2 (HR & Payroll) launched January 1, 2007
Release 3 (ESS & Supply Chain) The timeline for Release 3 is currently under review.  It is tentatively scheduled to Go-live July 1, 2007.