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Principal Leadership Academy (PLA)  

Program Description and Schedule


The Principal Leadership Academy is a one year leadership development program designed for principals serving within the first year of their new assignment.
The program includes professional development focused on developing principals who are equipped to cultivate and maintain school processes and conditions that include rigorous academic standards, high-quality instruction, and a culture of collective responsibility for all students’ academic and behavioral/social success.


PLA Program Overview (powerpoint)

PLA Summer Boot Camp Program Overview

PLA Principals in Action (Video)

LAUSD School Leaders Network Partnership - New! (Coming soon)


Program Components


1. Pre-Service Summer Boot Camp designed to: 

  • Prepare principals for their new assignments (opening school procedures, staff relations policies, safe school procedures, etc.)
  • Develop their concept of leadership and introduce a conceptual framework for their leadership practice.
  • Assist principals in becoming reflective of their leadership practice
  • Assist principals in beginning the process of strategic planning
  • Provide training in leading a safe and violence free environment and staff relations policies and procedures.


2. Research-based Curriculum based on the LAUSD School Leadership Framework

The curriculum is focused on learning to develop instructional leadership and school management through the interaction of the LAUSD School Leadership Standards listed below and the six key behaviors (planning, implementing, supporting, advocating, communicating, and monitoring):

  • Analysis
  • Decisiveness
  • Delegation and Follow-Up
  • Development of Staff
  • Extra-Organizational Sensitivity
  • Initiative and Innovativeness
  • Instructional Leadership
  • Judgment
  • Leadership and Influence
  • Oral Communication
  • Planning and Organizing
  • Written Communication
  • Knowledge of Curricular Concepts and Instructional Methodology
  • Knowledge of District Policy and Procedures
  • Knowledge of School Management
  • Knowledge of Special Education Law, Theories, and Practices

3. Mentoring and support available through LAUSD/AALA Mentor Principal Program