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Master Program Institute (MPI)          

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Ten professional development sessions (aligned to the California Standards for the School Counseling Profession, Interstate School Leaders Licensure Consortium Standards, Los Angeles Unified School District Leadership Dimensions, and the National Staff Development Council Standards for Staff Development) delivered over an 8-week period designed to build the capacity of those responsible for the development and implementation of the master program. Special attention will be placed on building the capacity of the participants in the six key leadership behaviors (planning, implementing, supporting, advocating, communicating, and monitoring) in order to provide equitable access and programming to core curriculum and A-G requirements for all students including English Learners, Students with Disabilities, Gifted and Talented students, and Standard English Learners.

The Master Program Institute has been cancelled for the 2011-2012 school year. School site assistance is available from the MPI Retired Mentors. Administrators and school site teams responsible for building, implementing, and supervising of the Master Program can contact Aminika Readeux, or April McNeel, to schedule an appointment with a mentor or to request additional information.

Institute Curriculum

Each session of the Master Program Institute will focus on LAUSD guidelines and policies related to the building of the master program. Topics include the following:


Session 1:  Building a College Prepared and Career Ready Master Program


Session 2:  Effective Staffing Guidelines and Procedures


Session 3:  Data-Based Programming/Multi-Tiered Framework for Instruction,

                  Intervention and Support (RTI2)


Session 4:  Data Based Programming – Ensuring Equity and Access


Session 5:  Middle School Master Program Practicum


Session 6:  Designing the Master Schedule to Serve Students Needs


Session 7:  Using Data Tools to Inform Placement and Support of Students 


Session 8:  Building and Utilizing Counseling Support Structures


Session 9:  High School Master Program Practicum


Session 10: Presentation of the Middle and High School Master Schedule -

                  Through the Lens of a Learning Centered Leader

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