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Office of the Superintendent

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A new school year brings another opportunity to shine. We have thrived despite our funding challenges by coming together to seek better ways to educate and support our students. The results are evident and we have you to thank.


-LAUSD jumped 19 API points in 2011

-CAHSEE first time pass rate is

at 75 percent

-More students are graduating and fewer are dropping out

-LAUSD’s meals are healthier


Thank you for being our partner.


We believe in our students, we believe in our teachers, and we believe in our employees who continuously support our schools to help them succeed. We have so many dreams for our students. Click the play button, and let's celebrate what LAUSD offers to the youth of Los Angeles and neighboring cities. Click here to read highlights from our Annual Address.

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Feb. 21, 2012 Child Abuse
Awareness Professional
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For more information, please visit
the LAUSD School Safety website.

LAUSD's Latest Strategic Roadmap Overview

LAUSD's four key strategies to help ensure students graduate college-prepared and career-ready are: Data-Based Instruction, Supporting All Employees, Budgeting for Student Achievement, and Creating and Supporting Quality Schools.

NEW School Performance Framework

The School Performance Framework (SPF) is used to evaluate school performance in terms of student achievement using a variety of measures, both status and growth related. The overall goal of the SPF is to:

  • Support and improve overall student learning and achievement;
  • Provide the most complete and comprehensive picture of how schools in LAUSD are performing; and
  • Assist teachers and school site leaders in setting school goals that are aligned with the Single Plan for Student Achievement (SMART Goals).

Please visit the School Performance Framework page to learn more about how the SPF works and each school's performance classification.

Last Year's School Tiering Model: 2009-2010

Please click here to see the criteria the District has used for tiered accountability and support models.

 Please click here to see all schools and their corresponding tiers.

LAUSD Insider
Superintendent's Newsletter
May 2012

To read the updated Superintendent Newsletter, LAUSD Insider, click here.

To read the updated A-G Curriculum Policy Brief for the month of May, click here.