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Discipline Foundation Policy: SWPBS


Every student, pre-school through adult has the right to be educated in a safe, respectful and welcoming environment. Every educator has the right to teach in an atmosphere free from disruption and obstacles that impede learning. This will be achieved through the adoption and implementation of a consistent school-wide positive behavior support discipline plan for every school in LAUSD. All school level plans will include: teaching school rules and social emotional skills; reinforcing appropriate student behavior; using effective classroom management and positive behavior support strategies by providing early intervention for misconduct and appropriate use of consequences.

Discipline Foundation PolicyDiscipline Foundation Policy - Click on the link to view the Los Angeles Unified School District "Discipline Foundation Policy: School-Wide Positive Behavior Support."
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Effective Behavior Support (EBS) survery The EBS Survey is used by school staff for initial and annual assessment of effective behavior support systems in their school.

Rubric of Implementation

 The Rubric of Implementation is used to evaluate the implementation of the Discipline Foundation Policy: School-Wide Positive Behavior Support. This online training will provide: 1) an overview of the entire Rubric of Implementation, 2) information about and examples of each key feature of School-Wide Positive Behavior Support and 3) examples of scoring procedures. Analyzing the results of the Rubric of Implementation will support the team in assessing implementation of each key feature, evaluate and strengthen on-going efforts, revise and/or design procedures as needed and compare implementation from year to year. This can guide the improvement of problem behavior prevention, the use of corrective procedures and, ultimately, reduce suspension and improve student achievement.
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Board Presentation - May 13, 2008

Board Presentation - May 13, 2008 This power point was presented to the LAUSD Board of Education as part of the Superintendent's update. It highlights the work that has been done to implement the policy as well as data to show results. It also highlights the outstanding accomplishments of VIRGIL MIDDLE SCHOOL!


When the process of writing a district-wide discipline policy began more than 2 years ago, we could have never known how many individuals would have participated in the process. There is no way, unfortunately, that we could thank every individual and constituency that had input into the process. There were hundreds of people (parents, teachers, administrators and students) who participated. Many thanks!

A very special thank you to Donnalyn Jaque-Anton who is a tremendous leader in this work!

Many thanks to our partner groups that participated in the development of the Discipline Foundation Policy.  They are the Writing Committee and Board Resolution Sponsors. In addition, the Implementation Task Force is identified.  This task force meets monthly and provides input on the implementation of the policy, the development of training materials and data review.

Board Resolution Co-sponsors:

Marlene Canter, Julie Korenstein and Marguerite LaMotte 

Writing Committee Members:

Hector Madrigal, Amanda Timberg, Kimberly West, John Marcelletti, Lori Vollandt, Rochelle Montgomery, Jeanne Akashi, Sue Spears, Francine Eisenrod, Hilda Ramirez, Glenn Shockley, Mark Wilkins, Nancy Franklin.

Implementation Task Force:

This Task Force meets monthly under the leadership of Rene Gonzalez and the members are: Jim Anderson, Melissa Barnhart, Marta Bayer, Shannon Binns, Jeanne Contreras, Rafael Escobar, Scott Folsom, Illene Askcraft, Julio Fonseca, Nancy Franklin, Naomi Hayworth, Michael Hopwood, Kimberly Issac, Rosalyn Leach, Wayne Scott Moore, Glenn Shockley, Obie Slamon, Lori Vollandt, Doug Waybright, Mark Wilkins, Vivian Wolfe, Rodney Wright, Roberta Wrobel, Eva Ybarra, and Laura Zeff.


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