Attachment A - Guiding Principles for the School Community These six guiding principles cover all areas of behavior and are expected to be followed in every District school.
Attachment B - Student Expectations These are the expectations that all students are to follow.
Attachment C - How to Establish and/or Refine an Effective School-Wide Positive Behavior Support System This document will assist schools in guiding thier own work in developing their school-wide positive behavior support systems.
Attachment D - Student Tips These are tips that students can use to help them demonstrate appropriate positive behavior at school.
Attachment E - Parent/Caregiver Responsibilities These tips will support parents/caregivers in helping their children learn and follow school and classroom rules.
Attachment F - School Resource Survey This survey will help school staff to identify what is in place and what might be needed at the school site.
Attachment G - Top Ten Alternatives to Suspension These top ten alternatives provide ideas for schools to use instead of suspension.
Attachment H - Three-Tiered Approach This attachment provides information on organizing supports based on a three-tiered approach: Universal, Selected, and Targeted.
Attachment I - Consequences/School Response Reference Guide This multi-level guide can support schools in using a consistent approach to consequences while focusing their efforts on preventative systems.

Attachments A, B & E  are available in Spanish, Korean, Armenian and Chinese.

Attachments A, B & E - Spanish
Attachment D - Spanish
Attachments A, B & E - Korean
Attachment D - Korean
Attachments A, B & E - Armenian
Attachment D - Armenian
Attachments A, B & E - Chinese
Attachment D - Chinese