Resource Manual
Resource Manual The Resource Manual will assist schools with the development of their School-Wide Positive Behavior Support systems.
Team Implementation Checklist - fillable form


The LAUSD Discipline Policy Resource Manual includes the following:

  • Introduction
         a. What Is a School-Wide Discipline System?
              i. A systems approach for all students, all staff and all settings
              ii. Teaching behavior
              iii. Links to other school initiatives
         b. Eight Major Components of School-Wide Positive Behavior Support
         c. What Do The Experts Say About School-Wide Positive Behavior Support?
              i. Randy Sprick, Ph.D.
              ii. Jeffrey Sprague, Ph.D.
              iii. Russ Skiba, Ph.D.
         d. Resources for School-Wide Positive Behavior Support
              i. School-Wide Positive Behavior Support Implementer’s Blueprint and Self Assessment
              ii. BEST Behavior
              iii. Foundations
              iv. Teaching Alternative Behaviors Schoolwide
  • II. Team Implementation Checklist
         a. Instructions for Completion
         b. User Guide for the Team Implementation Checklist
         c. Team Implementation Checklist
         d. Action Plan
  • III. Examples
       Examples for implementation collected from a variety of schools.
  • IV. Family and Community Collaboration
       Examples of ways to ensure collaboration
  • V. Resources
         a. Books
         b. Web sites/DVDs