Professional development in the area of school-wide positive behavior support must be broad-based and inclusive of everyone involved in supporting schools and students. Professional development supports school staff, district level staff, students and parents/caregivers so that behavioral expectations can be clearly identified and taught in all areas. Professional development needs to be ongoing and provide sufficient training in order to understand how to best support appropriate behavior. 

The PowerPoint presentations on this website have been presented to various audiences (Administrators, Teachers, Support Staff, etc.)  and are available for your perusal.

Many of the presentations were created by school personnel, local district personnel and central office personnel or a collaboration between a variety of people interested in supporting a proactive approach to student discipline. We would like to thank all of those that have given permission to share thier work. 

LAUSD employees can use these presentations to support their work with the Discipline Foundation Policy. If you choose to use these presentations (in full or part) please ensure that credit is given to the appropriate parties.

On the left (in the menu bar), you will find that the presentations are grouped by INTRODUCTION,  IMPLEMENTATION, & MAINTAINENCE. Many of these PowerPoints are similar. Feel free to look at all of them or read the description to find the one that best suits your need.

For additional information or support with presentations, please contact Nancy Franklin or Laura Zeff