Parents and Community


Parents/Caregivers and Community Members are intregal part of the School-Wide Positive Behavior Support system.

Parents/Caregivers who take an active role in supporting the school’s efforts in creating and maintaining a welcoming school climate enrich the school through their efforts.   In what ways can parent/caregivers support the implementation of the school-wide positive behavior support and discipline plan?   First, become familiar with and model A Culture of Discipline:  Guiding Expectations.  Next, review the Student Expectations and school rules with your children.   It is important to reinforce positive behavior and acknowledge children for demonstrating appropriate conduct. If parents/caregivers are seeing or hearing about problem behavior, work with the school as a collaborative partner to address the student’s needs.


The following websites contain valuable information for parents/caregivers:
All parents/caregivers want to be "Most Valuable Parents" who help their children and teens make smart choices and avoid pitfalls of growing up. Unlike advice sites, is your trusted, research-based resource for with tips, ideas, and strategies for raising smart, strong, responsible kids.
The Mission of the Parent Teacher Association is to assist parents in developing the skills they need to raise and protect their children and to encourage parent/caregiver and public involvement in the public schools of this nation.