Senior High

Senior High Schools

The following Senior High School examples have been provided to share ideas with other schools who are in the process of developing their own school-wide positive behavior support systems.


Huntington Park High School
Huntington Park High School agenda The agenda shows the tasks the school-wide positive behavior support team will complete to roll-out their plan.
North Hollywood High School
North Hollywood High School Classroom Rules The classroom rules are broken down into three categories, "Be Safe, Be Repectful, Be Responsible."
North Hollywood High School Behavioral Expectations Behavioral Expectations of "Be Safe, Be Responsible, & Be Respectful" are defined for the common areas of the school.
Polytechnic High School
Polytechnic High School "Four For Life" Polytechnic High School has "Four For Life" rules; Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible and Be on Time.