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This Strategic Plan for High Priority Schools represents a roadmap for improvement. It provides seven strategies and hundreds of tactics to be used, first with the 34 middle and high schools serving 98,000 students, and then to an increasing number of secondary schools each year. This Strategic Plan is the framework that will be used to shape work in the District so that all schools significantly improve students’ opportunities for learning and academic achievement. It is not a single plan that is mandated for all schools to implement in a lock step manner. Instead, it is an umbrella under which each school, in collaboration with its Local District, is expected to create and drive a differentiated approach to improvement. The approach taken by each school will be predicated on an assessment of its needs, its progress to date, what approaches and/or programs have worked and what have not been working well, how resources are being utilized, and the possibilities for improvement offered by the Strategic Plan. Each school will also continually examine and gauge its own plan for improvement over time to make modifications or changes as it goes forward.


The Strategic Plan is predicated on seven (7) strategies for whole school and whole District improvement:


Strategy 1: Use a research-based, coherent, and rigorous standards-based curriculum that meets the needs

                 of diverse learners as a tool that ensures they will be college-prepared and career-ready


Strategy 2: Build learning communities in which teachers, and those who support them, use data in a reflective cycle of continuous

                 improvement to develop their skills in delivering high-quality, personalized instruction that ensures learning for all students in

                 all classrooms


Strategy 3: Build school and district leadership teams that share common beliefs, values, and high expectations for all adults and

                 students and that support a cycle of continuous improvement to ensure high-quality instruction in their schools


Strategy 4: Build at each school a community of informed and empowered parents, teachers, staff, and community partners who

                 work collaboratively to support high-quality teaching and learning

Strategy 5: Build personalized school environments where students and adults are physically and emotionally safe and secure

                 and,as a result, where learning opportunities and personal achievement can be optimized for all


Strategy 6: Design and implement District and school organizational and support structures to improve school performance


Strategy 7: Design and implement systems of reporting, accountability, and incentives as ways to measure outcomes and promote

                 continuous improvement



Superintendent's Strategic Plan for High Priority Schools
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Mission Statement
Los Angeles Unified School District will provide high quality instruction and a coherent and rigorous curriculum in every classroom to facilitate student learning and achievement.
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